assembled snack clock in cage

What is SnackClock?

SnackClock was designed to examine food intake behavior in rodents with premeasured diets dispensed at set time intervals throughout the day.

How does it work?

SnackClock exploded

SnackClock utilizes a 24-hour clock movement, which runs off a single AA battery, connected with two 3D printed pieces to dispense the diets. It is meant to sit on top of the wire rack such that the diet simply falls through the grates (see picture at top of page).

The current design has an interior component that is divided into 12 equal sections. Loading every other section (6 total items) would mean that each item gets dispensed every 4 hours.

Can I build a SnackClock myself?

Yes! All you need is a 24-hour clock movement like this and the 3D printed parts which can be downloaded here.
*Note the size and dimensions were chosen to fit the cages we use in our lab!